Transitions from Authoritarianism: The Role of the Bureaucracy

This book is the result of a long and geographically very dispersed collaboration among scholars from many countries.
ISBN: 0-275-96458-2
Author: Randall Baker

 This, inevitably, has made it a slower enterprise than any one of us, individually, would have wished. However, we have worked to keep the contents as up-to-date as possible prior to the time of production. While there is some sharing of experience among the states of, for instance, Central and East Europe via the new, but very energetic body of NISPAcee, based in Slovakia, it has been unusual for cases from the Left and the Right to appear in the same study of the "Transition" process. It is our hope that this innovative compilation of essays will help academics and practitioners to gain a better sense of perspective and experimentation within the framework of comparative study. We all tend to think of our problems as unique, or insuperably specific to national history, culture or ideology. The fact is that many — probably over 50 — countries are engaged in roving toward sustainable democracy after an authoritarian period of one sort or another. Reading these chapters, we will recognize our problems again and again, and I hope, begin to share our experience of process, rather than incident or description, much more.

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