Randall Baker was born in Wales in 1944, and is currently a professor at Indiana University, USA. In 1990 he made his first visit to the Caucasus when he stayed at the Moscow State University research station in Kabardino-Balkaria, As a result of that, in 1992 he adopted the son of the director, who was tragically killed in an avalanche on Mount Elbrus.
ISBN: К 4202010000 035 – 08
Author: Randall Baker
Western University
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Later, as a representative of the US-Congress funded Edmund S. Muskie program, he came to the South Caucasus regularly to select candidates for graduate fellowships in the USA. This is how he first came to Azerbaijan, where he went on to develop a close relationship with Western University, and then with many good friends; which means he comes back to Baku almost every year. He regards Azerbaijan as his "second home" and hopes to spend even more time here when he retires from Indiana University in 2009. He has been a diplomat, an author, a consultant, and has developed new departments and programs in universities in Bolivia, Bulgaria, Spain, the United Kingdom, Lesotho, Sudan and, of course, Azerbaijan. He has worked in over 90 countries and enjoyed them all. "Whatever the country, there are always good people", he says, and that is the statement he illustrates in this book.

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