Energy: Science, Policy and the Pursuit of Sustainability

During the past few years, energy prices have fluctuated wildly, from historic highs in the winter and spring to the lowest wholesale prices in decades a few short months later.
ISBN: 1-55963-910-5
Island Press

As the largest user of fossil fuels energy, the United States is the key player in the world's energy markets, and our nation's energy policy (or lack thereof) has become a subject of increasing concern.
Energy: Science, Policy, and the Pursuit of Sustainability offers an accessible introduction to the "energy problem". Current patterns of energy use are without question unsustainable over the long term, and our dependence on fossil fuels raises crucial questions of security and self-sufficiency. This volume is an essential primer on energy. It covers everything from basic physics to the links between energy use, population, consumption, and pollution and provides readers with an informed policy perspective.

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