This website is home to what I enjoy doing best—writing. I used to be very concerned about being published. That was because I have been an academic all my life. But, the older I got I became more concerned about being read. This is far more than teaching and learning. It is about becoming part of situations, however surprising and unusual they seem. The thing that ties all the books on this website together, even though they may be academic in some cases, is humour. Almost everyone relates to humour; it makes all books accessible and welcoming. In many of the books the stories unfold around friends and acquaintances who brought places and situations to life for me. Now they can do this for you. This site is dedicated to them, especially those whose colourful personalities are no longer with us. 

If you have any questions or comments please email to the address in the Contact section. If you need help obtaining any of the books we can arrange that quickly and efficiently. We want you as another reader.

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Energy: Science, Policy and the Pursuit …

Energy: Science, Policy and the Pursuit of Sustainability

As the largest user of fossil fuels energy, the United States is the key player in the world's energy markets, and our nation's energy policy (or lack thereof) has become...

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Environmental Law and Policy in the Euro…

Environmental Law and Policy in the European Union and the United States

More specifically, it developed from a summer program taught in Rottererdam that focused on environmental law and policy in the European Union (EU) and the United States. While conducting this...

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Изгубените Балкани

Изгубените Балкани

Местен книжар съвсем без причина купува три мръсни сандъка с фотографии върху стъкло - така наречените диапозитиви за магически фенер, почти укрити в задната аст на стар бял микробус. Тази...

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